Commission Process



At Design by Timber, we specialise in making your dream furniture a reality using the finest locally sourced wood. Our process is tailored to bring a design to life, coupled with exceptional craftsmanship and the beauty of a natural material. Our vision and expertise in woodworking converge to create something truly special – a dream piece of furniture that’s not just made, but lovingly crafted.

Sketching Ideas & Material Selection

Your journey begins with an initial consultation, either over the phone or, ideally, in person. This step is crucial for us to understand your needs.

We’ll present you with 3 to 4 design sketches, offering a glimpse into the potential of your piece. This stage may also include sample boards to help you choose the right shades and finishes.

Pricing & Precise Measurements

We will provide a price once the design is finalised. We require a deposit to confirm the work to begin creating your bespoke piece. If necessary, we conduct a site visit to take accurate dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

For smaller projects, we create detailed models of the chosen design. Larger jobs involve the creation of prototypes, ensuring perfection in every detail.

Selecting the Perfect Wood

Tim personally visits the local timber yard to handpick each piece of wood, choosing one that resonates with the envisioned design.

We take pride in using locally sourced wood, handpicked for each project. The choice of timber and finish is always customised to meet your requirements.

From Sketch to Workshop the Craftsmanship Journey

Our skilled team begin transitioning the design from paper to production.

Sketches are passed to the workshop, and your creation begins. You are welcome to stop by the workshop to see your furniture being made.

Finishing Touches - Waxes, Stains, and Oils

We enhance the beauty of your furniture with our range of finishes.

From rich waxes to elegant stains and natural oils, we select each finish to complement the wood’s inherent beauty and your personal style.

Delivery to your doorstep

The final step is the exciting moment when we deliver your custom-made furniture to your home.

Projects typically require an 8-10 week lead time, which may vary for more complex designs.

Let’s Start Your Journey

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