Welcome to our world at Design by Timber, where we sculpt the elegance of wood into timeless and functional art. Established by Tim Hitchens, our roots trace back to his formative years at The Conran shop in the late 1990s. Our philosophy was born here: to breathe life into wood, creating pieces that tell stories and resonate with character.

Our craft goes beyond making furniture; it’s about honouring the spirit of individually selected pieces of timber, which come with their own history and essence. Our mission is to extend this legacy, crafting furniture that becomes part of your story.

A True Connection to Nature

At the heart of Design by Timber is real wood – a natural material that ages gracefully and imbues a sense of calm and grounding. In a world of constant change, our furniture offers a serene, prevailing presence, a reminder of the enduring beauty of nature.

Sustainability also runs throughout our approach. That’s why we prioritise locally sourced materials and run our workshop with carbon-reduced energy choices.

Preferring oil finishes, we ensure our furniture retains the authentic texture of wood and retains a connection to its roots. It’s not just about appearance; it’s about preserving the soul of a beautiful and natural material.

Innovation Meets Tradition

Under Tim’s leadership, our team embraces both tradition and innovation. Using time-honoured craftsmanship with modern design, our furniture is elegant and built to last. And every piece is a clever combination of practical beauty: functional, stylish and designed to integrate into your life or workspace.

We don’t just build furniture; we create experiences and stories, marrying your vision for luxury with our craftsmanship in a symphony of wood’s timeless beauty.

William Morris famously declared to his Birmingham audience: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” In my experience furniture from Design by Timber will give you both.

Nigel Norman

Tim is the most creative & talented person. Every time I open my front door & see the beautiful console table you made for us, I smile with pleasure at your fabulous craftsmanship & design. Thank you !!

Sheila Simison

'Fantastic to have been able to commission our dining table from Design by Timber. Tim is both a hugely talented furniture maker and great to work with. His enthusiasm, creativity and passion for working with wood is infectious and he brilliantly brought to life our ideas for a simple oak table with a timeless design. The only problem is that you are soon wanting him to make you more!'

Fiona Kenneth

‘Each time I have worked with Tim has been an absolute delight - great craftmanship, fantastic attention to detail and he is probably the most cheerful person I have ever had the pleasure to work with’


‘Thank you for all your superb correspondence during the order process of my AMAZING coffee table. Absolutely delighted truly AWESOME and so very kind of Tim to deliver my order and good to personally meet and thank Tim - I am in awe of his incredible talent and workmanship’


‘Working with Tim, Design by Timber, is always a pleasure. The interpretation of our brief, whether it be a small cabinet or a bespoke kitchen, is always very well executed with professionalism, craftsmanship and to a superb quality finish.’


Tim created a beautiful dining table for us. He involved us in the design process, with sketches and reference images to really help illustrate his vision. We love it! It's unique and elegant, the wood and finish is stunning - were looking forward to making many happy memories around it. Thank you.'


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